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Adobe Connect LogoAdobe Connect is a real-time virtual classroom environment designed for distance education and online collaboration. As long as individuals have stable broadband Windows-based or Mac operating systems computers, they can participate in live (or view recorded) web conferences. The features of Adobe Connect include two-way audio and video, application sharing, archiving, whiteboard, online polling, and break-out rooms.

As of now, Adobe Connect is not yet integrated with Canvas. Faculty can create and manage Adobe Connect rooms via And then share the room link with students.

Adobe Connect 9.1 Upgrade and Outage 5/28/2014

Adobe Connect will be upgraded to version 9.1 on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 during the maintenance window between 7 a.m. and 12 noon. During this period, Adobe Connect, including live sessions and recordings, will be completely unavailable. More information on what’s new in Adobe Connect 9.1 is found via the link Training workshops on how to use Adobe Connect 9.1 will be offered during the summer. You can register via

Please note: Due to the new enhancement to the audio bridge integration, the audio profile you previously set up needs to be redone. See the instructions on How to Set Up the Audio Profile.

Getting Started With Adobe Connect

1. Assess your computer

2. Purchase an external headset with microphone if you don't have one.

  • You can purchase either a standard or USB headset. We recommend Logitech or Plantronic brands. Please note, built-in microphone is not recommended for teaching in Adobe Connect.

3. Documentation

4. Attend Adobe Connect Training

  • On-campus f2f Workshops.:A series of free instructor-led workshops are available for faculty and TAs. You can register for face to face training workshops via
  • Live Online Workshops: You can register for live online webinars. Please begin with “Get Started with Adobe Connect” to gain a solid foundation for using basic Classroom features first.

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