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Interviews with UM Faculty on Teaching with Technology

This page provides links to video interviews with innovative UM faculty regarding their experiences using technology for teaching and learning.

Applying a Constructivist Approach to Education Using Blogs and Wikis

Dr. Helene Cohen discussses how she applies a constructivist approach to teaching by asking her students to use blogs and wikis for reflection and collaboration.

Enhancing Students' Learning with Digital Media

Dr. Kevin Mathias is an instructor in the Institute of Applied Agriculture who teaches both hybrid and fully online courses. He is enhancig the learning experiences of his students through the use of digital media.

Using an iPhone/iPod Touch to Code Behavioral Observation

Dr. Marvin Scott describes how students used iPhones and iTouch mobile devices to record data from behavioral observations using an application developed for that purpose through the Mobility Initiative.

Integrating Media Files with PowerPoint for Language Classes

Dr. Mel Scullen discusses how she integrates audio and video files into her PowerPoint slides for a seamless and engaging presentation for her students.

Using Clickers to Assess Student Learning

Dr. Kathryn Alvestad discusses how clickers (student response system) can used to provide continuous real-time feedback on student learning during class to both the instructor and students.