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Mobility Initiative



Welcome to the University of Maryland's Learning Technology Mobility Initiative. Our goals are as follows:

  • Enhance the classroom learning experience
  • Promote interaction between faculty and students
  • Promote the university's world class status through innovation and technology

Here are some reasons why faculty should consider using Mobile devices in education:

  • Mobile devices are capable of providing enhanced ebooks featuring images, video and audio.
  • Students are using a wide range of different smartphones and mobile devices and are already acquainted with touch screen technology
  • Mobile devices can be designed to serve as an instructional material, or lab tool, for students to work on classroom and research projects
  • Mobile devices provide a limitless amount of information through wireless technology. Also, students can have a free access to tons of reference apps for facts, questions, statistics, articles, data and many more.

Our Mobility Initiative has a limited number of iPod Touches, and iPads that can be loaned to faculty for distribution to students for a limited time-period during the semester. With a rotating loan schedule, multiple classes can benefit from using the devices during a single semester.

UMCP Faculty who wish to rent devices for their classroom should fill out the online form two weeks before the start of each semester: request form