Identity Finder

As part of the University of Maryland's information security strategy, UMD is using Identity Finder to proactively locate potential sensitive information on university-owned computers and servers so that it can be reviewed and deleted or appropriately secured to prevent unauthorized access.

Identity Finder is an application that searches a computer for sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers and credit card numbers. It also provides a way to remediate such information once it is identified (by scrubbing the sensitive information from files or by securely deleting them). If Identity Finder reports sensitive information that you need to keep, you will need to work with your local IT personnel to be sure it is stored appropriately.

All university-owned computers will need to be scanned by Identity Finder.

The Division of IT has been working with local tech support professionals in colleges, departments, and administrative units to distribute Identity Finder and to help with the remediation of any sensitive information it finds as needed. These efforts will focus on university-owned computing resources with the highest risk, such as servers, desktops, and laptops. The project will begin with Windows computers and then Macintosh and Linux/UNIX computers will follow.

After the initial scans are completed, individuals who work with sensitive data are encouraged to scan their computers regularly with Identity Finder.

If you have any questions about Identity Finder, please contact the Help Desk.


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