University Process Innovation

10 Common Process Improvement Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemThe Division of IT offers university process innovation services as a strategic effort under the VP/CIO. The efforts focus on the strategic business processes of the university and how they relate to the underpinning information technology. This is done in an effort to discover, evaluate, and improve processes and practices before technology decisions are made. Improving university processes results in improved value delivery and a lower cost of implementation.

What We Do

Our mission is to improve and innovate university business processes to enhance the experience of students, faculty, and staff. We use a series of tools and techniques to analyze end-to-end processes as they exist across the multiple units of the university. Our approach encourages participation from everyone who is involved in the process being studied so that we can see the big picture before any changes are considered or recommended.


I began working with DIT's university process innovation team shortly after I arrived on campus. As a new AVP it was important to me to understand the current processes so that I could have a good idea of what needed to be improved. We have worked on two projects so far, and we have another one that we are just beginning. I have found this team to be very professional and detail oriented, and the work product has been a great value in helping me to make good strategic changes on our UHR process.
-Jewel Washington, Assistant Vice President of University Human Resources


How We Can Help

We offer consultation and facilitation services for academic and administrative units throughout the University of Maryland. We provide a set of phased activities for analysis of an existing process for the specific purpose of identifying improvement opportunities and ensuring process alignment to customer needs and expectations. Services include:

  • Identifying a project scope and timeline
  • Assessing and documenting current processes
  • Analyzing processes to identify potential areas for improvement
  • Workshop planning and facilitation
  • Concept and data modeling
  • Data analysis and needs assessment
  • Change management
  • Process improvement education

Learn About Process Improvement

Attend a training program, workshop, and brown bag lunch discussion to learn more about process improvement. We also encourage staff to work in tandem with us on process improvement projects within their specific area of expertise to learn our techniques and get on the job training that can be applied to future process improvement work in their units. View the upcoming training opportunities or contact us to learn more about working with us on a project in your area.

What Has Been Improved?

We have engaged with different groups across campus to assess various activities, including HR hiring and onboarding, gifting through The College Park Foundation, procurement, and advising processes. Our initial projects focused on assessments that touched a broad audience in many different areas of the university. We continue to take on new projects, both at the department level and the university level. Read some of our project assessments and case studies to learn more.

Publications and Resources

Every process is unique, and specific documents may work for some, but not others. There is a framework we follow for most projects but we are constantly improving our own processes as we learn. We have created some process documentation with project examples to further your understanding and guide you in your process improvement efforts.

Contact Us

We are happy to help or answer any questions you may have. Please contact us and let us know your needs.

University Process Innovation
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