UMD Centralized Email Systems

Faculty, staff, and affiliates should use UMD Google Apps for Education. Undergraduate and graduate students should use TERPmail for personal and academic use.

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Please note: All DIT-supported Exchange accounts will be migrating to Google Apps for Education by October 3, 2016.

UMD Google Apps for Education



UMD Google is the centralized email and calendar system for faculty and staff and affiliates (with email permissions) at the university. Graduate Assistants also have UMD Google accounts to use for assistantship duties (accounts expire when the assistantship does). Undergraduate students may also use UMD Google accounts for on-campus jobs if desired by the employer.

For information on requesting and using a UMD Google account, please visit


TERPmail (powered by Google) is the email and calendar system for University of Maryland undergraduate and graduate students for personal and academic use. If you earn a UMD degree, you may keep your TERPmail account for life.

For information on activating and using a TERPmail account, please visit

Learn about electronic mailing list options.

Both systems are versions of Google Apps for Education and also offer access to additional Google Apps. Please contact the Service Desk at 301.405.1500 with any questions.