Connecting to the Wireless Network

Set Up Wi-Fi ConnectionThe Division of IT currently provides two main wireless networks, "umd-secure" and "umd." The "umd-secure" network encrypts all wireless transmissions using WPA2/WPA technology. The "umd" network provides general access to the network for both campus users and guests and requires Web page authentication. "umd-secure" is the recommended means of accessing the wireless network. Eduroam is also a supported secure wireless connection. Get info on connecting to eduroam.

umd-secure Network

As they offer the best data security available, “umd-secure”  and "eduroam" are the preferred wireless networks for all faculty, staff, and students. Traffic sent and received from wireless devices on this network is encrypted using WPA2/WPA technology. Since they  support 802.1x, Web browser-based authentication is not required. Users will be prompted for their Directory ID and password via a pop-up login window when authentication is necessary. For users of many smartphones and tablets, this option can eliminate the problems associated with running a Web browser solely to reach the Web authentication page required to use the "umd" network.

Use this tool to configure your device for umd-secure and eduroam or follow the instructions in the appropriate umd-secure Get Connected guide for your operating system (Connection instructions for eduroam are also available).

Android phone users can also go to the Google Play Store and download the SecureW2 app. From the app, search for and follow the instructions provided within the app.

You can also search the IT Knowledge Base for more information on connecting to the wireless network: visit and choose "Search the Knowledge Base."

umd Network

The “umd” network is intended to provide wireless access to university guests as well as faculty, staff, and students who have not (or cannot) set up WPA2/WPA on their wireless device. Authentication for this network is handled by a Web browser redirect to a login page. To access this wireless network, users should select the “umd” wireless network from the list of available wireless networks and then launch a Web browser. If you have a default Web page defined, you will be redirected to a login page where you will need to enter a valid Directory ID and password. Successful authentication will result in your default Web page being loaded. If you do not have a default Web page defined, you will need to enter the address of the first Web page you would like to view. You will then be redirected to a login page where you will need to enter a valid Directory ID and password.